TOP OF VT-Does Your Business Belong ?

June 17, 2020

Trusted. Proven. Accountable.

Belonging to the Jay Peak Area Chamber of Commerce at the Top of VT for many reasons but now, more than ever, it is important.

Chambers of Commerce are membership organizations that advocate on behalf of local businesses. No other organization represents the business community like chambers. 

In Vermont, there are approximately 31 chambers representing over 4k businesses. Each of these chambers is a member of the Vermont Association of Chamber Executives (VACCE). To be a member of VACCE, chambers are required; 

● Pay Dues Annually 

● Submit Bylaws as changes are made 

● Submit Annual Tax filings 

● Submit Membership Summary 

● Attend Meetings each quarter in Randolph, VT 

● Attend Annual Professional Development Workshops  ● File with Secretary of State & 501(c)6 filing The Jay Peak Area Chamber of Commerce has been a voice at the VACCE table since 2007. 

What Have We Been Working On? 

ADVOCACY. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chambers have emerged as a vital conduit of communication between state and federal officials and our businesses. Chamber leaders are talking to our governor, state legislators, our congressional delegation and senators, commissioners and many others. We are advocating for the needs of the business community both at the state and federal level on an almost daily basis, bringing your real-time issues, questions and concerns to top officials and chamber leaders. We have worked tirelessly to provide the business community with the most current information available and to assist them in navigating Coronavirus funding options, VT Employment Services, COVID-19 guidelines and state aide. 

Chambers have had to become innovative in combining our voices and relaying YOUR business concerns. Each of the 31 chambers have committed to business success and relay local messaging and concerns with and through our weekly and or bi-weekly ZOOM meetings on your behalf. Last week the Jay Peak Area Chamber at the Top of VT proposed a few new ideas/concepts to “pandemic proof” businesses in VT. We are awaiting the funding source to be announced and I am confident the VACCE organization will apply for this funding to assist business throughout the state. More to come, stay tuned. 

The Jay Peak Area Chamber of Commerce will be crucial during the recovery and over the months and years to come. No one ever predicted our lives would be so quickly impacted by a contagious virus, and VACCE members have taken measures to assist your business, provide helpful updates and continue to advocate for your business. We at the JPACC/ ToVT have personally spoken to many businesses regarding reopening, business needs, business plans and lost revenue. Please continue to direct your information to the JPACC/ ToVT and we will do all we can to assist. 

MARKETING The ToVT offers a variety of options to get connected and build meaningful relationships. , including networking/ educational events, volunteer opportunities, member to member networking and so much more. Even in times of social distancing and working from home, the ToVT Chamber will be offering marketing opportunities & events to continue the engagement of our members as well as visitors. We have been constructing a new webpage on the website;”Who’s Open” is a page that will identify members hours, offerings and special safety protocol that will assure consumer confidence and knowledge. 

The JPACC/ ToVT is a trusted chamber resource and by being listed in our membership directories you can increase your SEO to help customers better find your business. The Jay Peak Area Chamber will continue to improve our chamber website, produce & distribute our Annual Activities Map and paid advertising on social platforms. Marketing collaborations and member promotion is our #1 goal. We CONTINUE to direct people to your business. As a member you can submit your events, job opportunities and business updates to share with the community. JPACC/ToVT has offered many opportunities to continue to share your brand’s vision. Please reach out and let us know. 

From day one of business closings the JPACC/TOVT Board of DIrectors reacted in a way that prioritized membership like no other chamber in the state. Dues were decreased for fiscal 2020-2021 AND a three month deferral of payment for current members. We hope this helped to ease the many burdens of this time for all members.

The chamber also created an initiative and gave away $50.00 restaurant gift cards to associate members for 14 days! To highlight these efforts, the JPACC/ToV also ran a print ad in The Barton Chronicle & The Newport Daily. This was well received and greatly appreciated. We hope it helped our restaurant members and locals alike.

In closing, we have been busy on your Top of VT businesses behalf during this difficult time. This chamber as well as many other VACCE chambers have been at the table every week advocating for each and every business in our respective membership. While times are tough, and a bit confusing, many problems have been solved because of VACCE involvement. We will get through this together and we will be better together!

Kindest regards, 

Karen O’Donnell Executive Director

Jay Peak Area Chamber at the Top of VT/Member of VACCE 


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