Mud Season – “A Beautiful Transition”

Well, it depends on your perspective… Spring in the Jay Peak region certainly brings big changes and some challenges. Prepare and think ahead.

“Mud Season” is a term used in Vermont to describe the transition period between winter and spring, typically from late March to May, when the snow melts and the ground thaws. During this time, the ground becomes muddy and wet, making it difficult for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and driving on unpaved roads. It’s called Mud Season because the melting snow and ice turns the dirt roads into a muddy mess, making it challenging to navigate them.

In Vermont, Mud Season is a part of life and is usually anticipated with mixed feelings. While it signifies the end of winter and the arrival of spring, it can also be a messy and challenging time for locals and visitors alike. Many businesses in the state also close during this time, as tourism slows down and locals take the opportunity to enjoy the quieter time of year. Despite the challenges, Mud Season is an essential part of the Vermont experience and adds to the unique character of the state.

FUN is a state of mind. Find your fun in every season:)

Ideas to take advantage of while visiting the Jay Peak Region this spring;

  1. Visit Jay Peak Resort: Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and other winter activities at this popular mountain resort. Many shops and dining opportunities are available at this amazing place.
  2. Take a scenic drive: Explore the beautiful landscapes and scenic views of the Jay Peak region by taking a drive along the back roads.
  3. Make sure to explore the covered bridges in Montgomery.
  4. Go hiking: Take a hike on one of the many trails in the area, such as the Long Trail, Jay Recreation Centre and Jay Peak Trail.
  5. Go fishing: The Jay Peak region is home to many great fishing spots, including the Missisquoi River and the Jay Branch.
  6. Visit the Jay Peak Pump House: The Jay Peak Pump House is a state-of-the-art indoor waterpark that is perfect for families.
  7. Explore the local retail shops: Visit these unique shops and think ahead to Mother’s & Father’s Day. Meaningful gifts and end of season sales are most abundant.
  8. Go birdwatching: The Jay Peak region is a great place for birdwatching, with many species of birds to be found in the area.
  9. Visit the Montgomery Center for the Arts: This community arts center offers a variety of classes and workshops, as well as exhibitions and performances.
  10. Book a massage , manicure or pedicure at Phineas Swann Inn & Spa.
  11. Go on a brewery tour: The Jay Peak region is home to several craft breweries and our local Kingdom Brewery offers live entertainment  on weekends or take a tour and sample some of their delicious beer.

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