Supporting Startup Business at the Top of VT! BarnPitch2018

July 10, 2018

In Vermont, we now live in a thriving small business economy. The manufacturing plants are no longer monoliths. Success is built on humility, agility, and simplicity. We are living in a different era.
This change creates big winners and big losers. Adapting to the change will likely result in a highly positive future. Not adapting to the change will likely result in an unacceptable negative future for the business. In the last 15 years, 52% of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared.
Change happens. Bigger companies buy startups. Other startups rejuvenate through creative collaboration. And that takes connections.

The #BarnPitch2018 slate of pitchers include:

  1. BO2X | BO2X is an elegant reusable aerator that is designed to clip on to the tap of any boxed wine product providing single-glass decanting without an elaborate decanting process and dramatically improving the perceived breathing, mouthfeel, and body of boxed wine. [Burlington, VT]
  2. SweetTimesCupcakes | “Serving the community one cupcake at a time” Sweet Times Cupcakes, a family-based business, is working to enhance and expand by developing a destination for cupcakes that brings the community together, supports one another and enjoy family time. [Lyndonville, VT]
  3. Synticos | Synticos LLC has developed SlurryJet; the next generation of abrasive jet cutting technology that cuts faster and at a lower cost than the competition. SlurryJet uses a proprietary nozzle design that dramatically reduces wear, it’s predecessors weakness, and will allow for significant expansion of the abrasive jet cutting market. [Huntington, VT]
  4. The Floating Letter Co | The Floating Letter Co turns an underutilized but highly prized venue space — the pool! — into a memorable marketing and branding opportunity for corporate events. These large-scale, floating designs are created and branded specifically for the client’s event using their logo, or choice of phrases, letters, hashtags, etc. They pack down for easy shipping to just about anywhere, and installation is a breeze. [Westfield, VT]
  5. Vermont Evaporator Company | Vermont Evaporator Company manufactures small, portable, versatile sap evaporators for the backyard sugar maker that are easy to use, do not require a sugar shack, and cost less than the industrial-scale setups available on the market. [Montpelier, VT]

MANY THANKS for the #BarnPitch2018 Hayloft Sponsors:

  • All Earth Renewables
  • Center for an Agricultural Economy
  • Community National Bank
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Creative Workforce Solutions
  • Green Mountain Power
  • Jay Peak Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Jay Peak Resort [“BarnPitch Winner Prize-Sponsor]
  • North Country Career Center
  • Pomerleau Real Estate
  • The Work Commons
  • VT Agency for Agriculture, Food & Markets
  • VT Department of Labor

The fifth annual FreshTracks Capital Road Pitch will be held July 30th through August 2nd, 2018. At each of the 8 stops the riders will award a “Riders Choice Prize” of $500 and a special edition “Vermont Biker Bear” contributed by Vermont Teddy Bear. Each stop is open to public viewing.  For information about Road Pitch, this year’s event, the riders, as well as valuable pitching tips, visit

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