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White Pine Polarity

I am a registered nurse with a private practice in bodywork for 25 years. I have training in polarity therapy, biodynamic craniosacral, prenatal and birth therapy, energetic anatomy, and vedic astrology.

       Polarity Therapy, developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, is a health system that works with energy as it is expressed in the physical, mental, and emotional experience of the client.  The premise is that “energy precedes form,” therefore the condition of the energy field will be reflected in these areas.  When energy is blocked, pain and disease occur.  Health can be achieved by freeing these blocked areas and restoring the flow of energy.

        Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is based on the osteopathic work of Dr. William Sutherland.  He recognized that the movement of energy within the body is expressed in subtle layers of impulse that can be palpated in a tide-like rhythm throughout the body systems, including cerebral spinal fluid.  He believed that this impulse is driven by an inherent healing intelligence that he called “The Breath of Life.”   By quietly listening to The Breath of Life, a point of reflection is created through which the body can realign its own smooth flowing energy system.

       Vedic Astrology helps us expand our awareness beyond our body by exploring the subtle energies of heavenly bodies. This study of the sacred teaching from the Rishi’s, the sages of ancient India,  differs from Western astrology in that it follows a sideral or star-based zodiac, whereas western astrology follows a tropical or earth-based zodiac.

These subtle works can be beneficial for those seeking greater self-awareness of body, mind and soul.  It is good work for trauma, (acute or longstanding), general health maintenance and relaxation.

By appointment only.  Please call ahead. (802)888-3087

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