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The Jay Peak Area Chamber is working hard behind the scenes to gear up for businesses re-opening and socializing again. We are confident this next summer & winter seasons will be strong and new customers, as well as current visitors, will be stopping by the Top of VT.
That being said, the JPACC/TOV Board of Directors has been reacting to the unprecedented time with EVERY small business in mind.

What are we doing?

Rooms & Meals Tax Abatement

The JPACC/TOV have supported Vermont Chamber’s efforts and the nation are in the midst of an unprecedented public health emergency, in particular Vermont restaurants and their workers. We are requesting immediate abatement of the February and March rooms and meals tax payment and that first payment is due March 25, 2020.


Our restaurant is part of the community and is a gathering space, we need to survive this crisis and be able to re-open to hire back our employees, help our local economy, and support our farmers
This is an investment in our neighborhoods and our rural communities
This will help us pay our mortgage or rent, utilities, property taxes and other ongoing expenses which we need to pay even without being open. This will help us be ready to stay in business and reopen.

This will give us an opportunity to re-hire some of our workers now and utilize them in different ways like making repairs and investing in capital improvements

Dues Extension and Decrease

The JPACC/ToV is implementing a decrease in dues and extend the due date. We will be assessing the situation as we go. The board has approved a decrease to $100.00 membership fee for fiscal year May 2020-April 30 2021 FOR EACH MEMBER. Invoices will be mailed in August. (May 1- April 30) We hope this will help your small business during these uncertain times. We will continue to market & promote your business throughout this spring & summer season.

Chamber Cash Program

The JPACC/ToV has implemented a “chamber cash” program. Each day while on quarantine, the chamber chooses a “winner” from our 1400 current membership list. We call and offer a $50.00 gift certificate to any food establishment of their choice.

Karen then calls the business and pays for the gift certificate with the ToV credit card. The response has been overwhelming! Restaurant and food establishments have been so appreciative and gracious.

Moo 92 Business Promotions

The JPACC/ToV is working with Moo92 for promoting area business and will update you all with the details as soon as they are determined.

Barton Chronicle Ads

Ads in The Barton Chronicle have been made and will continue to take place in print as we move forward in the upcoming weeks.

Equity Share Program

The chamber has applied for a USDA-RBDG grant for Equity Share and Video Marketing Initiative. These efforts will certainly assist area business in promotions and provide more reasonable rates for products and benefits to excel/reboot area businesses and marketing in each community.

Hopefully, these funds will be allocated to the ToV in early July.

Summer Promotions & Deals

Please contact the chamber if you would like to collaborate with other businesses to offer a “Deal or Package.”

We will assist in the gathering of the offerings and help market them on Facebook and

Vermont covid-19 Resources


We want to help ensure that our community of members, families, and friends have a source of support.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or requests, whether it’s assistance in filing your claims or helping keep you informed on any regional or state developments.

Send your questions, concerns and/or thoughts to 

or VT Commerce at