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The Rest Of Your Story Starts Here…

For the sake of argument, let’s say that you’re not a complete dolt. Now let’s take that desire (to not be a dolt) a step further. Let’s assume that you want the places you visit and the vacations you take to give you the ultimate reward—a Story.

The stories we tell ourselves about who we are make-up Life. When you think back on what you’ve done, we’d bet the only memories you can recall swirl around story—the good and the bad, the beautiful and the sad. And when you look forward to that next story…the one you’ll be dying to share with family and friends…well, that tale exists at the Top of VT.

Wrong turns up here can end with you needing a passport, and the ability to speak French. Seemingly picturesque barns might just be a museum housing 40-foot tall puppets. And a sail on a high-alpine lake will make you think you’re in the Swiss Alps. Plus, the inn or B&B where you’ll stay might just have characters like these to add a different twists to your vacation plot.

The  Top of VT, is a site conceived and designed by the Jay Peak Area Chamber of Commerce, but represents more than simply what you’d find around that mountain. This is a road map of sorts to find that next chapter in your personal story in funky border towns like Alburg and Newport (ever heard of them?), and swimming hole-laden hamlets like Montgomery Center and East Burke.

Your plot line might be adventurous, filled with accounts of mountain bike rides or canopy tours. Maybe it will be more romantic comedy, like a bad Hugh Grant movie (wait, all Hugh Grant movies, and romantic comedies for that matter, are bad), but there are enough hidden beaches, wineries, and pubs to make your next story R-rated. Of course there are G-rated yarns waiting to be told as well with trips to lakes and hikes up mountains.

So click around and let us know how we can help write your next story.